Eventourage About

Eventourage was founded by Barbara Fairbairn, former VP of Operations and Public Relations at a major music distribution company.

Her experience in accommodating traveling musicians with ongoing customer service, promotional support, and public relations services has equipped her with in-depth industry knowledge and valuable relationships at venue’s across the globe. Eventourage is excited to provide a full-service business that supports the need to create stress and worry-free, successful events.

Eventourage was designed to administer a personal, white-glove service to professionals in the music industry, progressive organizations, the working family, and specific moments of special recognition. We create and develop events for fundraisers, corporate events, trade shows, festivals, ceremonies, boys and girls’ weekends, travel itineraries, concerts, conventions and more.

We vow to be easily accessible to our clients throughout their experience with us, to walk hand-in-hand while scheduling and building events, and to make it effortless for them to accomplish their goals.

I really enjoyed working with Barbara and will call her again to plan our next event. I found her by referral and I have in turn passed her name and contact information to a lot of my friends. I can’t say enough about how professional and friendly Barbara is. She certainly loves what she does and takes charge as if the attendees are her own friends and family.
Bill Flemming
CEO – HomeSmart Connect

Meet the Founder- Barbara Fairbairn

Barbara Fairbairn started her career at a music distribution company known as Amplified. For years, Ms. Fairbairn tirelessly worked to build rapport with labels and bands, specifically those with demanding schedules and back-to-back tour dates. Her commitment to providing topflight service by anticipating the needs and handling unforeseen 

issues associate with their events and schedules did not go unnoticed. Soon, reputable individuals as well as notable companies placed their trust in Barbara for her thorough, quality work, amicable personality, and reliability.

It wasn’t long before Barbara noticed just how much the event planning business was beginning to change. She watched as technology slowly began to engulf intimacy and was soon inspired to create a way to restore a personal touch in customer interface—this is when Eventourage was born.

Barbara understood the importance of having a “go-to” or a direct line of communication to resolve issues and partner with someone to who understands how to make dreams come true. Barbara aspires, day-in and day-out to personally solve her customers’ problems and to create life-changing events that will increase profit and brand engagement and arouse a vast turnout.

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